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Army Research Scheme calls for new proposals

A Ghost Robotics legged robot during trials with Australian Army soldiers. How can new or emerging technologies be employed by the Army to generate a future competitive advantage? Photo: Army

The Australian Army Research Scheme has called for applications to undertake discrete, funded research tasks research areas of interest are wide ranging and include social, cultural and organisational topics. The deadline for applications is 31 August.

For this round of the Army Research Scheme, the key topics are:

  • Question 1: What might future conflict look like and how should Army, as part of the Joint and Integrated Force, prepare for that environment?
  • Question 2: In what ways can Army, as part of the Joint and Integrated Force, promote Australian defence interests in concert with other instruments of national power (diplomatic, informational and economic)?
  • Question 3: How will social, economic and environmental changes affect the Australian Army and its relationship with Australian society?
  • Question 4: How can Army build its intellectual capital and develop its culture to optimise its future force posture and design?
  • Question 5: How can new or emerging technologies be employed by Army to provide future competitive advantage?
  • Question 6: How will information warfare affect future conflict and what are the implications for Army?
  • Question 7: How can Army contribute to the development of a resilient national industrial and technological support base?

The research outcomes sought are either articles (3,000 to 5,000 words) or stand-alone papers (10,000 to 20,000 words). Army will facilitate publication of research in the first instance in either the Australian Army Journal or the Army Research Reports.

The Applications process is administered through AusTender. Detailed conditions, draft contract and the application form can be found at the AusTender site which will also receive applications. General enquiries can be sent to

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