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Innovation for the Defence Industry

The Australian Defence Force needs an innovative, agile defence industry to equip and support it. The Australian Government wants an innovative defence industry to become a pillar of Australia’s economic growth in the future.

What are the 12 key things you need to know about Innovation? Defence Innovation 3  4  5 sets them out for you and helps de-mystify them. Successful innovation means understanding your customer, your own business and the technology that shapes it, and creating the conditions that favour a determined innovator.

If you want to be part of this, and to unlock your company’s innovative potential, come and participate in this workshop. Conducted by Sydney defence industry and innovation analyst Dr Gregor Ferguson Ph.D, it is designed to help defence industry leaders and practitioners, and especially those from SMEs, understand:

  • What Innovation is, and why it’s important
  • How they can organise their companies to release and enhance the innovative capacity within them
  • How to use that increased capacity to identify and pursue innovation opportunities and projects successfully
  • How to engage with the Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force when you have an innovative product or process that you think they need; and
  • Where to find some of the practical tools, grants and loans designed by the Commonwealth government to help innovative firms

Innovation is not a black art. It’s not the exclusive domain of ‘creatives’, ‘boffins’ or consultants. Your innovation success story begins with understanding your business and doing simple things right.

This workshop helps you identify those things.

We’ll be conducting our next Defence Innovation Training seminar soon – stand by for further information!

Why Defence Innovation 3 4 5?

It’s called that for a couple of very good reasons: firstly, ‘Innovation 101’ or ‘the ABC of Innovation’ is so simplistic as to be almost patronising. It’s actually a little more complicated than that, which shouldn’t either surprise or scare you.

And, secondly, there are actually 12 key points to remember about successful innovation, and they break down conveniently into groups of 3, 4 and 5.