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NIOA wins ADF sniper, close combat weapons contract

Australian Army sniper on EX RIMPC 2018. Photo: Defence

Brisbane-based NIOA has won a $7 million contract to approach the market, and test and evaluate weapon systems for the ADF under Stage 1, Tranche 1 of Project Land 159 – Lethality System.

This first stage contract will see NIOA identify and evaluate Sniper and Close Combat weapon systems and provide acquisition and support recommendations to Defence in an open, impartial and transparent manner.

“This contract reflects this Government’s commitment to Australian industry, as outlined in the release of the Defence Strategic Update 2020. It also supports the Munitions and Small Arms Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority in securing domestic capability,” Minister for Defence Senator Linda Reynolds said, adding that NIOA had set a target of 100 per cent Australian industry content for this stage of the project.

An outline of Project land 159 Lethality System, showing Tranches 1, 2 and 3. Image: Defence via NIOA

Project Land 159 Lethality System is also sometimes called the ‘Lethality Program’. It has seven capability streams; ADF Sniper System and ADF Close Combat System, which are addressed in Tranche 1 in FYs 2021 to 2025; ADF Close Combatant Assault Rifle, Family of Machine Guns, Direct Fire Support Weapon/Family of Grenades, which will be addressed in Tranche 2 in FYs 24 to 27; and Munitions and Emergent Weapons Technology, which will be addressed in Tranche 3 in FY2 26 to 29.

More information on the solicitation process for Land 159 Tranche 1 will be provided at a joint Commonwealth-NIOA industry briefing in the near future, the company says.

The awarding of this contract to NIOA follows a recent announcement of a new 10-year contract with NIOA for the tenancy at the Benalla munitions factory in Victoria, in a new deal expected to create up to 100 jobs.


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