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Rheinmetall shortlisted for LAND 125 Phase 4, calls for local suppliers

Rheinmetall has developed Pamnzergrenadier soldier combat systems for the German Army. Photo: Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall Defence Australia has been shortlisted for project LAND 125 Phase 4, which will see the development of an Australian-made Integrated Soldier System.

The company is now seeking Australian partners to register their interest in supporting the development of an Australian-made Integrated Solider System. Rheinmetall says the project will provide a significant boost for local suppliers and further the establishment of a sovereign base for defence manufacturing.

Rheinmetall will work with local partners to build an Integrated Soldier System that gives the Australian Army a sovereign, next-generation capability with next level communication and collaboration between networks of machines, sensors and people.

Accordingly, Rheinmetall is looking to partner with Australian companies in the following areas:

  • Soldier Platform Capabilities – protective systems, load carriage systems, power and data management, signature management, translation system
  • Robotics and Autonomous Platform Capabilities – Load carriage, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, force protection
  • Enhancement Capabilities – innovative and disruptive technologies, improvements and enhancements, health and performance monitoring, immersive simulation

Rheinmetall Managing Director Gary Stewart said that ongoing engagement with local industry and innovation will be critical to the success of the Integrated Solider System.
“I am impressed by the high degree of innovative technologies being developed by Australian SMEs,” he said. “It is important for Rheinmetall to facilitate these companies playing their part in delivering what will be the Australian Army’s best possible future soldier system.

“Rheinmetall understands that it is critical to provide a system architecture that is fully interoperable and that can integrate third party equipment. Utilising our world class capabilities at the Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence in Redbank, QLD, Rheinmetall and our industry partners will be able to develop, integrate and sustain the Australian Army’s best possible future soldier system that helps it fight, survive and win on the modern, complex battlefields of today and tomorrow.”

Local companies interested in partnering with Rheinmetall can register as a supplier to Rheinmetall and register an Expression of Interest for the LAND 125-4 Program in the RDA Supplier Portal.

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