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Spire Global and Myriota partner to re-imagine Internet of Things connectivity

Adelaide-based Myriota has partnered with US company Spire Global, a leading global provider of space-based data, analytics, and space services. The partnership will accelerate Myriota’s global service deployment timeline, expanding the Myriota Network using Spire Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) nanosatellites. Myriota is the first large-scale, commercial, IoT-focused customer of Spire.

Myriota will use Spire’s existing satellite platform and continue to scale the Myriota Network as Spire deploys new satellites. The partners plan to quickly ramp up Myriota’s coverage to a global, low latency constellation, extending its existing coverage in North America, Australia and New Zealand to other markets including Europe. By leveraging Spire’s proven constellation and global operations platform, Myriota expects to quickly and cost-effectively scale its IoT services to meet rising global demand.

Spire’s constellation of low-earth orbit nanosatellites is equipped with a range of software- defined radios (SDR) that let partners test, deploy, operate, and scale custom applications. Myriota expects this landmark partnership to allow it to expand its network more quickly in more areas, and to improve latency using existing spacecraft.

The Myriota Network enables customers in industries like logistics, utilities, and agriculture to securely monitor and collect data globally using its long-lasting and low-cost IoT sensors. Myriota customers are already tracking, locating, and monitoring assets including vehicles, wind turbines, equipment and tools, and shipping containers. The new partnership will support reduced latency and new services.

“Australia is a hotbed of innovative companies, and it’s gratifying to help a leading satellite connectivity provider go to market quickly and scale up efficiently,” said Theresa Condor, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Space Services and Earth Intelligence at Spire.

“With high demand for the Myriota Network from our partners, who are rolling out products at an ever-accelerating rate, this agreement is a game changer for our business.”

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