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USAF, USN support call for Quantum technology proposals

The AFRL, ONR and AFOSR are working through the Innovare Advancement Center to call for Quantum technology proposals. Photo: Defence Innovation Network

The AFRL-supported Innovare Advancement Center in New York State is inviting the world’s academic quantum information science community to connect and compete for over US$1 million in basic research funding. The deadline for proposals is 4 August 2020.

Pitches will cover one of four distinct tracks: Communication, Computing, Sensing, or Timing, which all represent critical areas for AFRL, and will help advance the center’s mission to build a magnetic ecosystem in which the world’s leading scientific and entrepreneurial talent tackle challenges to national security and economic competitiveness. Approximately US$75,000 per grant will be awarded to successful teams to undertake one-year research programs, to a funded limit of US$1 million.

The initiative is supported by AFRL Information Directorate, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and Office of Naval Research, where the world’s top university teams will pitch their projects in quantum timing, sensing, communications and computing that serve U.S. military needs. All international university researchers are eligible to compete for this basic research funding for quantum-enabling solutions.

Full details are available here.

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