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AMSL wins CRC-P grant to develop Vertiia powertrain for high speed eVTOL

Sydney-based AMSL Aero Pty Limited has won a $3 million Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-P) grant from the Department of Industry, Science, Education and Resources (DISER) to continue its development of the Vertiia eVTOL aircraft.

This will provide rapid response air ambulance and low cost passenger transport for regional and remote Australia. The $8.05 Million project to which the MMI grant will contribute is designed to enable the optimisation and development of a quiet, efficient and lightweight propulsion system tailored for Vertiia. The project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2023.

Off the shelf motors, prop-rotors and power electronics have significant room for improvement in eVTOL applications, with several emerging technologies that will greatly increase range, and reduce noise and cost. Optimising these components will increase Vertiia’s potential to operate in noise sensitive areas and enable the delivery of the lowest cost transport as an air ambulance or air taxi.

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