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EOS to build, own and operate MEO SATCOM constellation

EOS SpaceLink will put two constellations of three satellites each into MEO in 2024 and 2027; the latter will incorporate hybrid RF-optical SATCOM technology. Photo: EOS Communications

Canberra-based EOS Communication Systems has confirmed it plans to build, own and operate a constellation of three Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) communications satellites. In a briefing to investors on 24 November, EOS Group CEO Dr Ben Greene and EOS Communications CEO Glenn Tindall announced that the new EOS SpaceLink constellation would be launched and operational in 2024, offering high bandwidth, capacity and network security while avoiding the limitations of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellite constellations. Both GEO and LEO orbits are increasingly crowded with little free RF spectrum available; in addition, LEO means a large constellation of satellites is required to maintain continuous connectivity.

A second SpaceLink constellation of three additional satellites to be launched in 2027 will incorporate hybrid RF-optical technology as part of EOS SpaceLink’s drive to increase available bandwidth by a factor first of 10 and then 100.

SpaceLink is designed to cater for ‘Five Eyes’ defence and government customers needing continuous connectivity, high bandwidth, resilience and security and low latency; secondary markets include commercial and civil space users.

The announcement of SpaceLink follows a flurry of activity by EOS Communications in 2020 during which it acquired a number of US-based businesses: Audacy Corporation, including its FCC/ITU spectrum licenses; and the communications technologies of Collinear and AOptix Technologies to create the largest known aggregation of optical and RF-optical hybrid communications technologies.

The 24 November briefing didn’t name the launch service provider nor the satellite integrator.

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