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RAAF, DST collaborate to create drone sensor

Air Warfare Centre science and technology adviser Ant Perry, left, and Air Warfare Engineering Squadron avionics technician Corporal Stanislaw Filipek inspect the Windtalker drone detection system at DSTG Edinburgh. Photo: Defence – Leading Aircraftman Sam Price

The RAAF’s Air Warfare Centre (AWC) and DST Group have collaborated in the creation of a drone detection system.

The Windtalker, designed and created at DSTG Edinburgh, is a real-time sensor that can monitor airspace for uncrewed aerial vehicle activity and then stimulate algorithms for the purposes of detection, recognition and decision-making.

In late 2019, DSTG and AWC signed a memorandum of understanding to assist in realising mutual engineering benefits for both organisations. In order to keep communication open between the two organisations, DST Group’s Ant Perry recently took on the role of science and technology adviser to the AWC.

“Unmanned aerial system misuse can cause safety issues and security concerns for the ADF and the Windtalker drone sensor detection system provides users a common operating picture of the airspace.

“Unlike the US Department of Defense drone detection system, the Windtalker … has incorporated the additional functionality of an ADS-B receiver that will allow us to track the flight path of ADS-B-equipped aircraft within range of the Windtalker.”

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