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DEADLINE ALERT – US Defence Innovation Unit solicitation closes 10 June

The Melbourne-based Defence Science Institute (DSI) has promoted a solicitation by the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit for Project Hawker Tempest. The closing date is 10 June US Eastern Standard Time.

This Area of Interest (AoI) has the long term intent of disrupting significant transnational criminal syndicate activity such as trafficking in persons. Transnational criminals are increasingly utilising solutions to digitally mask their movements, anonymise funding sources, and create detail-rich false identities to avoid detection and circumvent surveillance. The speed at which criminals blend into the noise requires an equally advanced information collection, processing, and analytic identifying, tracking and due diligence capability.

In response, the U.S. Government seeks commercially viable solutions leveraging machine-driven analytics and datasets derived from Commercially Available Information to help identify, track and counter transnational criminals attempting to mask their identities and activities.

Click here to view the original solicitation, submit your applications and other instructions.

Due Date: 10 June, 2020 – 23:59:59 US/Eastern Time

Note:  The DIU solicitation proceeds in two stages. First, DIU reviews applications quickly after the solicitation closes. Second, applications are selected to ‘pitch’ your solution to DIU and DIU attempts to make a decision and issue a contract—for successful applicants—within 30 days of the pitch.

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