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Lockheed Martin Australia partners with Clearbox Systems for JP9102

Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) has integrated Clearbox Systems’ Foresight ESM software application as part of its campaign to build a sovereign satellite communication system for Defence under Joint Project 9102.

The integration effort has seen engineers from both Lockheed Martin Australia and Clearbox Systems, a leading Australian defence and space SME, working together to minimise technical risk and maximise technical readiness to assure execution of the project on schedule and budget.

“We’re very proud of this milestone”, said David Ball, Regional Director for LMA Space. “This integration project is a core element of our approach for JP9102; working hand in glove with Australian industry, mitigating risk, ensuring seamless delivery of world-class, sovereign satcom solutions on a timeframe that allows Defence to meet the growing pressures in Australia’s strategic environment.”

The integration of Clearbox’s proprietary Foresight ESM software has also been used to demonstrate the agility of LMA’s satcom control segment, which serves as the crucial link between the satellites and ground stations in Defence’s future sovereign satcom system. Based on modular, open architecture software, LMA’s control segment is specifically designed for rapid integration of third-party, best-of-breed software products.

Foresight ESM is a sovereign Electromagnetic Spectrum Management (ESM) application born out of Clearbox’s bi-lateral collaborative research and development agreement with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), and is key to Defence satellite communications. The software provides ADF operators with the ability to efficiently plan, coordinate and use the electromagnetic spectrum in ways that optimise operational performance by limiting interference.

In 2020, Clearbox was the inaugural graduate of LMA’s Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP). The MPP encompasses best practices in program management, human resource processes, business ethics, product management, competitive intelligence, and cyber security readiness and is part of LMA’s commitment to strengthening Australian industry by readying high-calibre SMEs for work with Defence and prime contractors alike.

Only a month before, Airbus also added Clearbox Systems as its second partner as part of its bid for the JP9102 programme.

Designated Team Maier, the teaming arrangement is designed not only to deliver a sovereign military SATCOM solution for Australia, but to grow the country’s defence and space eco-system for the long-term.

Team Maier will benefit from Clearbox’s experience in supporting the ADF’s control segment for its current military wideband SATCOM, commercial wideband SATCOM, and military narrowband SATCOM systems. An integral component of the SATCOM system, the control segment manages a network of devices, sensors, signals and payloads to ensure successful transmission. Clearbox will be upgrading the current systems to the JP9102 requirements, including ongoing sustainment.

Airbus has been responsible for delivering all secure beyond line of sight communications to the UK MOD for 18 years, owning and operating the Skynet military communications satellite fleet.

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