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Army releases its Quantum Technology Roadmap

The Australian Army has released its Quantum Technology Roadmap. Quantum technologies are a suite of emerging technologies that offer unprecedented capabilities in sensing, imaging, communications and computing. The Army Quantum Technology Roadmap seeks to frame and present Army’s approach to quantum technology in order to deliver Army a quantum advantage in land operations.

Three key points frame Army’s approach:

  • Australia is faced with the strategic challenge of converting its global leadership in quantum technology research into sustainable industrial and defence advantage.
  • Defence has a role in aligning extant research and development (R&D) capacity to Defence’s priority problems. This includes shaping and guiding these technologies as they develop to facilitate transition of technology concepts into capability for the warfighter.
  • In alignment with the strategic themes of adaptive thinking, partnering, sovereign industry and integration in Army in Motion and Accelerated Warfare, Army’s Roadmap will explore the potential use of quantum technologies for the land domain.

To develop Army’s quantum technology capability, Army will pursue four objectives:

  • Establish – Rapidly establish a quantum innovation ecosystem focussed on land domain opportunities.
  • Identify – Identify the most disruptive and advantageous applications of quantum technologies for the land domain.
  • Develop – Develop the related technology, operating concepts and modified force designs.
  • Support – Support Defence’s quantum technology strategy development.

Download: Army Quantum Technology Roadmap

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