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Australia and United States sign quantum technology agreement

Australia and the United States have signed a landmark statement of intent to cooperate and share in the opportunities and benefits presented by quantum science and technology.

The Joint Statement of the United States of America and Australia on Cooperation in Quantum Science and Technology strengthens Australia and the United States’ ability to exchange quantum knowledge and skills, says Minister for Science and Technology Melissa Price.

The statement creates more opportunities to promote research and development, and encourages greater market access for quantum businesses in both nations.

Minister Price said, “As a critical technology that will shape our world for years to come, quantum technology offers incredible opportunities for Australia and the United States.

“This joint statement with the United States builds on our already strong strategic partnership when it comes to science and technology and will help us build a quantum future together.”

The US President’s Science Advisor and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Dr Eric Lander, signed the joint statement in Washington.

“I am delighted to affirm the United States and Australia’s commitment to work together to develop a healthy international marketplace for quantum technologies and grow the workforce for this emerging area,” Dr Lander said.

“Jointly exploring new frontiers in quantum information science will accelerate discoveries and enable revolutionary approaches to computing, sensing, and networking that will benefit all of society.”

The statement builds on the Agreement Relating to Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Australia which set out a framework for the conduct of the overall science and technology relationship between our countries.

“We acknowledge that science and technology (S&T) is the engine that enables transformative capabilities.  At its core, S&T research are collaborative, transnational efforts. Accordingly, working together is essential to scientific discovery and societal benefit,” the statement says.

“We recognise that quantum technologies – broadly based on the study and application of quantum mechanics to explore new ways to acquire, transmit and process information – is a critical emerging technology that could enable more powerful computers, more capable communication networks and more precise and accurate sensors.”

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