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BAE Systems Australia’s Red Ochre Labs to focus on Australian technology

BAE Systems’ Taranis UAV Project has benefitted from unique Australian autonomous control technology developed in Melbourne. Photo: BAE Systems Australia

BAE Systems Australia has launched Red Ochre Labs to develop new, world leading sovereign disruptive technologies to meet the future requirements of the Australian Defence Force.

Red Ochre Labs will be a hub for collaboration with industry, Defence and academia and will build on BAE Systems’ 65-year legacy of developing world leading technologies in Australia.

While headquartered in Victoria, the new facility links research and development projects across BAE Systems’ Australian sites.

At the heart of Red Ochre Labs will be Australian air, land and sea and cyber technologies focused on autonomous systems, hypersonics, High Frequency Systems, electronic warfare and Anti-Submarine Warfare capabilities through the Hunter Class Frigate program. The name reflects the company’s reconciliation commitment to Australia’s First Nation people and that red ochre is an iconic mainstay of the Australian landscape.

BAE Systems Chief Technology Officer, Brad Yelland said: “The Australian Government is clear in its expectations for new, future focused technologies to support the Australian Defence Force. Focusing our R&D investment and using Red Ochre Labs as a collaborative hub will enable us to both fast track the development of successful technologies and ‘fail fast’ with those that don’t.

“Our experience has shown success breeds success and that one great piece of technology can be evolved to have other uses or can form the basis of a completely new technology,” Yelland added.

“Success in the development of new, Australian made technologies could also lead to valuable exports. Now more than ever, the investment in and development of Australian made technologies has the potential to underpin much needed economic growth and meet the technological needs of our defence force.”

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