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Defence awards $7 million in SICP Grants to seven Australian businesses

The Department of Defence has awarded more than $7 million to seven Australian companies through the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority (SICP) Grants program.

Since November 2018 almost 90 Australian small and medium businesses have won SICP Grants worth $47 million.

“The range of capabilities being developed by these latest grant recipients is a vital investment in our sovereign industrial base,” said Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price. “Their dedication and foresight is enabling the Australian Defence Force to maintain a leading edge and increase its self-reliance in an increasingly congested strategic environment.”

The strengthening of manufacturing capabilities is significant in this latest round of grants, which is helping build, on a sustainable basis, Australia’s sovereign industrial capacity to support the ADF.

The Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grants announced 24 March:

Company Grant Amount Grant Funding Purpose State
Consunet $421,406 Design, construction, accreditation and certification of multi-zoned facility to enable delivery, support and sustainment of sovereign projects. SA
Mincham Aviation $1,056,374 Enhancement of ability to develop, manufacture and repair a range of aerospace and defence equipment, including aerial delivery systems, UAVs and naval components. SA
Cryoclock $599,712 Improving ability to build high-performance clocks and oscillators to provide a strategically critical technical function for Defence capability. SA
Craig International Ballistics $1,203,001 Investment in acquisition, installation and commissioning of autoclave technology for ballistic protection product manufacturing. QLD
Century Products (S.A.) $1,197,242 Development of a production scale CNC line with complex milling and turning functionality for supply onto a number of land, sea and air programs. SA
Alfatron $1,390,658 Establishment of a Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Line to support the sovereign manufacture of electronic technology. SA
Bambach Wires & Cables $1,217,020 Enhancement of existing manufacturing capability to enable the manufacture of small, medium and large diameter low voltage silicone copper cables essential for use in submarine and shipbuilding. VIC


Grant applications can be made at any time and submitted through the Centre for Defence Industry Capability at:

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