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Defence surveying Australian medtech and biotech capabilities

Defence is calling on all Australian medical or biotech businesses and research organisations to contribute to a national assessment of Australia’s health security.

Defence, through the Next Generation Technologies Fund, is supporting a detailed assessment of Australia’s ability to research, develop, manufacture, and distribute products and solutions that contribute to national health security.

Led by DMTC, the National Health Security Resilience Assessment (NHSRA) is examining sovereign capability across six critical sectors including:

  • medical countermeasures
  • medical devices
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • modelling and simulation
  • hazard management
  • sensing systems

Defence is calling on all Australian businesses and research organisations engaged in the research, development, manufacture, or distribution of medical or biotech products or capabilities to contribute to the assessment to provide an accurate and truly national picture of Australia’s health security.

For more information and to register to complete the survey, go to the DMTC website: 

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