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DroneShield successfully integrates with U.S. Govt Team Awareness Kit (TAK)

DroneShield’s counter-drone and counter–autonomous system Sensor and Command-and-Control platforms are now fully compliant with the U.S. Government’s Team Awareness Kit (TAK), the company has announced. The TAK system, originally developed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), is used extensively throughout the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Allied forces.

This critical integration allows for operators in the field to receive detailed threat detection information to improve their situational awareness, in a common format compliant across a range of systems. DroneShield sensors including RfPatrol, RfOne and DroneSentry-X are now able to stream data directly to TAK servers providing both command Operations Centres and field operators access to the real-time sensor information and intelligence.

In addition, DroneShield’s Command-and-Control (C2) platform, DroneSentry-C2, which uses AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) and Sensor Fusion technologies, is also compliant with the TAK communication standard. This enables operators to take full advantage of DroneShield’s distributed sensor network, integrating data from multiple sensors and sensor modalities including radar, radio frequency (RF) and electro-optical (EO) and thermal recognition to provide a seamless and integrated picture of threat assessments onto their personal TAK device.

Both DroneShield sensors and the C2 system have implemented the Cursor-on-Target (CoT) protocol as the means of sending information to TAK and interoperable systems. The CoT protocol is widely used amongst US prime contractor platforms and their U.S. DoD, Federal Law Enforcement, and Allied Forces customers.

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