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SORD to develop new ADF helmet

An Australian Army soldier from the Qargha Force Protection Company in Afghanistan.

Melbourne-based SORD Australia has been awarded a $338,000 contract from the Defence Innovation Hub to develop a new Concussion Reduction Helmet for the ADF. The company’s helmet design aims to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries to the wearer caused by concussion, blunt trauma and ballistic and blast events.

The company, with support from Horizon defence Systems Pty Limited, will research the science of blast impact on the human brain, including its contribution to traumatic brain injury.

The Concussion Reduction Helmet concept, “has the potential to enhance individual safety and reduce the long term effects of concussive injuries on men and women in the Australian Defence Force,” Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said, announcing the contract award.

The University of Melbourne’s Department of Biomedical Engineering will play a significant role in the project; its Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) will undertake analysis and modelling to optimise the helmet design

SORD Australia is a member of the Horizon Defence Systems alliance. This was established in 2017 and aims to act as a virtual prime on behalf of its 13 individual members in pursuing a range of Defence acquisition contracts, mostly in the soldier combat system and related fields.

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