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Submissions close 27 February for Army Innovation day

The Defence Innovation Hub is seeking innovation proposals for an Enhanced Land Force Support System (LFSS) incorporating capabilities to ‘sense and respond’. If selected, successful submissions will be showcased at Army Innovation Day 2020 on 1 July.

Submissions close at 1500 on Thursday 27 February

The Army is now experiencing changes to the character of warfare at a rate faster than many of Army’s processes and structures were designed for. Army has termed this Accelerated Warfare – this focuses its thinking on how to prepare for accelerated change, for operations today and into the future.

THE CHALLENGE: Defence is seeking innovative proposals that enhance the Land Force Support Systems’ ability to ‘sense and respond’ in the following areas: Bulk Commodity Visibility, Personnel/Patient Tracking and Principal Item Management.

The Challenge Statement, Assessment Criteria and outline of the selection process are here:


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