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Archer Materials Limited announces early stage validation of Quantum computing chip

Archer Materials has reached a significant milestone in developing a room-temperature quantum computing chip. Photo: Archer Materials

Adelaide based technology company Archer Materials Limited says it has reached a significant technological milestone in progressing its 12CQ technology that aims to build a room-temperature quantum computing qubit processor.

The company says this is a significant step towards building an operational room-temperature qubit processor (“chip”) prototype. Laboratory measurements using conductive atomic force microscopy confirm room-temperature conductivity of a single qubit component (“qubit”), representing a global competitive advantage in the multibillion-dollar quantum computing

The room-temperature conductivity potentially enables direct access to the quantum information stored in the qubits.

Archer’s qubit material has a significant commercial advantage over other competing qubits that rely on insulating materials, such as diamond materials or photonic architectures, that are difficult to integrate onboard portable devices.

Chip build is advancing, with prototype development involving world-first quantum measurements and information control in qubits, says CEO Dr Mohammed Choucair.

“Building and operating the 12CQ chip requires measurements to be successfully performed at the very limits of what can be achieved technologically in the world today. Directly proving room-temperature conductivity of the 12CQ chip qubit component solidifies our global competitive advantage and advances our development towards a working chip prototype.”

Archer Materials intends to develop the 12CQ chip to be sold directly and to sell licenses for the IP rights to the chip technology.

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