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DIN calls for proposals in Cyber Security and Undersea Surveillance

The DIN is calling for collaborative R&D proposals addressing cyber security and undersea surveillance. These will be funded through its new Strategic Investment Initiative (SII). Photo: Defence

The NSW Defence Innovation Network (DIN) is calling for collaborative proposals in the field of Cyber Security and Undersea Surveillance. Through its Strategic Investment Initiative, DIN will invest $900K of research funding in developing two prototypes for demonstration and Defence use.

Cyber Security and Undersea Surveillance are priority areas for Defence investment, with a major capital acquisition project, SEA 5012, scheduled to acquire an Integrated Undersea Surveillance System. With that in mind the DIN has established a new Strategic Investment Initiative (SII). Its purpose is to enable multi-disciplinary teams to produce two prototypes, to create lasting links to the defence industry, to catalyse commercialisation and additional investment in research and development in NSW.

A key objective is to build capability in the State by funding collaborative research that will enable a prototype to be made within a 12-18 month timeframe, suitable for a demonstration of the new capability of the integrated system.

The Initiative is funded by the NSW Government and the Department of Defence through the Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF).

The DIN has produced data sheets setting out the Research Questions the project proposals should address:

Proposals must demonstrate multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaboration. Projects must be led by a DIN-member university with substantive inputs from at least one other DIN-member university. Project teams may also include Australian businesses and non-DIN member university researchers.

All project participants must be citizens of the Five Eyes Alliance (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States) or NATO member countries. Citizens of countries not covered by the named treaties are subject to approval by the DIN.

The selection criteria for proposals are:

  • Vision, Ambition & Innovation
  • Leadership & Team Quality
  • Impact
  • The commitment of collaborators.

The application form is available on request at

Researchers and defence industry interested in participating in the call should contact DIN to register their interest. DIN will be able to connect interested parties with other potential team members on request.

Completed proposals must be submitted electronically by 5 pm, 5 March 2021 to

For further information, including the Timeline for project proposals, go to the DIN.

Download DIN SII Guidelines

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