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EOS unveils T2000-DE directed energy turret for Redback

Canberra-based EOS Defence Systems has revealed a Directed Energy (DE) weapon as part of the integrated T2000-DE turret it is manufacturing for Hanwha’s Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). The T2000-DE also forms the cornerstone of the Titanis Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (CUAS) capability which EOS launched earlier this year.

The Redback, and its turret, are being offered to the Australian Army under Project Land 400 Ph.3 for which a final selection is due in 2022.

The 35kW Directed Energy (DE) weapon has been developed entirely in-house by EOS Defence Systems and provides hemispherical coverage against airborne threats out to a range of more than 2km, with a detection range of some 10km. The DE weapon is scaleable up to 55kW.

Its integration into the T2000 turret represents the first time ever that a full suite of main and secondary armament and active and passive defence systems has been integrated into a single turret.

The T2000-DE is designed specifically to address the growing threat from armed UAVs and loitering air-launched munitions. These are designed to attack the thinner top armour on vehicle hulls and turrets from directly above and have been very difficult to counter. Such weapons proved devastating against tanks and IFVs during the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

A spokesperson for EOS said the T2000-DE is part of a CUAS capability for combat teams and battle groups. A typical force would be equipped with IFVs mounting T2000 turrets each of which can engage lower-angle UAS threats as well as traditional anti-armour threats from under cover using their 30mm armament, Active Protection System (APS) and EOS-manufactured Remote Weapon Station (RWS); a number of these IFVs would carry the T2000-DE turret specifically to provide overhead protection.

The company has released a video of the T2000-DE here.

The T2000 has been developed from scratch by EOS Defence Systems and will be offered worldwide as well as for Land 400 Ph.3. It is equipped with a Bushmaster Mk44 30mm main gun and coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, two Rafael SPIKE LR anti-armour missiles and EOS Defence Systems’ own R400 Remote Weapon Station so its weapons can be fired accurately from under armour.

The turret is also equipped with Elbit’s Iron Fist APS which includes both active radar and passive UAS detection systems, hard-kill defences against incoming threats and an RF soft-kill system against UASs. However, the EOS Directed Energy weapon in the T2000-DE variant provides true hemispherical coverage against airborne threats.

The company says that because the turret is a brand-new design, it has integrated all of the key features from outset and is available in three variants: manned or unmanned, and with the DE variant if required.

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