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Thales, Microsoft team up with SMEs to launch new tactical cloud platform

Thales Australia, Microsoft and Australian SMEs Myriad Technologies, archTIS and Fortifyedge have partnered to launch Nexium Defence Cloud Edge (NDC Edge), a secure Tactical cloud computing capability at the edge of the battlespace.

As military operations become increasingly data-driven, timely access to important information and applications is critical for the Australian Defence Force. The theatre level NDC Edge enables deployed forces to securely share critical information across domains, multinational coalitions and other agencies to allow a shared common operating picture.  It enables the analysis and distribution of data in real time, from a strategic headquarters down to the dismounted soldier, accelerating the decision-making cycle to gain and maintain operational tempo.

Developed in Australia for the ADF, NDC Edge delivers a sovereign capability, built on Microsoft Azure Stack technology, that is designed to be compatible with Five Eyes nations, as well as humanitarian aid and civilian applications. Myriad Technologies, archTIS and Fortifyedge are integrating new technologies that enable this sovereign capability to run at the tactical edge for the ADF and coalition forces.

NDC Edge provides a complete, highly integrated and modular, sovereign solution that enables forces to operate autonomously in any theatre of operations. It offers a wide array of possible configurations, from very high-capacity and easily scalable infrastructure to all-in-one containerised systems that can establish a headquarters as a cloud node rapidly, and link it to deployed forces quickly and securely. It includes all the components of military command posts and meets performance requirements in terms of size, weight and power (SWaP) to simplify deployment and minimise the logistical footprint.

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