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Amaero to build world class titanium powder plant in Australia

Australia has some of the world’s biggest deposits of titanium and Australian companies such as BAE Systems Australia, Ferra and Marand already manufacture machined titanium components for aircraft such as the F-35 Lightning II. Amaero could become Australia’s first domestic supplier of titanium powder for 3D printing applications. photo: Lockheed Martin

Melbourne based Amaero International Limited will build a customised and proprietary titanium alloy powder manufacturing plant in Victoria. The $8 million facility is expected be the most advanced titanium alloy powder plant in the world, and will position Amaero as the only fully vertically integrated metal 3D printing company globally. Construction and commissioning will take some 18 months.

The project will take titanium alloy bar stock inputs and convert the material into powder for 3D printing at approximately half the cost of the current global benchmark, the company says. A Memorandum of Understanding have been signed with a metal powder supply company that has established market channels for metal powder sales. The new plant will position Amaero as a reliable source of the strategically important titanium alloy powder, building on the Company’s geographic and geopolitical position to generate a strong and highly profitable revenue stream of approximately $30 million per annum.

Letters of support for this project have also been received from two of the five largest defence companies globally indicating strong potential demand for Ti64 powder from a competitive Australian source for specific commercial and military applications.

The world supply chain source of origin for titanium alloy is currently dominated by China and Russia, which effectively set the world market price. The Australian-based powder manufacturing plant is expected to position Amaero as a supplier of choice for defence, aerospace and critical manufacturing segments in allied nations.

Amaero International CEO Barrie Finnin said: “Producing titanium alloy powder in Australia will provide a stable, secure and cost-effective supply, allowing defence and other sectors to continue to advance their 3D manufacturing capabilities.

“Once completed, our facilities enable us to manufacture and supply powders along with 3D printing machines and ancillary equipment, as well as manufacture parts for small and large scale production contracts. Amaero also provides specialised R&D services via one of the world’s largest specialised metals R&D team to assist countries and major corporations develop greenfield additive manufacturing operations from concept to development and ongoing manufacturing.”

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