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Kleos Space secures $12.6m to grow RF surveillance constellation

Australian space surveillance company Kleos Space SA has secured $12.6 million in investment from new and existing institutional investors in Australia and the USA.

Kleos describes itself as a space-powered Radio Frequency (RF) Reconnaissance data-as-a-service (DaaS) company whose satellites geolocate RF transmissions to help detect drug and people smuggling, border security challenges and illegal fishing for government and intelligence agencies.

The ASX-listed company, which also has operations in Luxembourg, said the two new investors are Australian firms Perennial Value Management and Thorney Investment Group, and that the additional funds would be used to grow its satellite constellation and geolocation DaaS products. Chief executive Andy Bowyer said, “The strong support the business has received from new and current investors reflects Kelos’ significant technical and commercial progress that is accelerating rapidly”.

The Kleos Polar Vigilance Mission (KSFI) was launched in June, putting four satellites into sun-synchronous. The company’s intent is to launch and operate up to 20 clusters of satellites, creating a constellation that provides critical coverage of global events and key locations.

The Polar Vigilance Mission follows the launch of four satellites in the Scouting Mission in November 2020. The Scouting Mission satellites are in a 37-degree inclined orbit enabling them to cover areas of interest such as the Middle East, South China Sea, east and West Africa and the Timor Sea.

A further four Polar Vigilance Mission satellites will be launched before the end of this year/

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