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Northrop Grumman calls for Australian participation in its Joint Data Network Program

Two Boeing Wedgetails
Northrop Grumman Australia is looking for Australian companies who can participate in its Multi-Tactical Data Link Network. Photo: Defence

Northrop Grumman Australia is undertaking a market search for Australian companies that can manage, monitor, service and supply Tactical Data Link networks and supporting infrastructure.

This search forms part of the Multi-Tactical Data Link Network (MTN) sub program within Northrop Grumman Australia’s Joint Data Network and Joint C4 Program. The company aims to maximising opportunities for Australian industry involvement through the acquisition and sustainment phases of the Joint Data Network Program.

The Joint Data Network and Joint C4 programs will upgrade and support mission-critical systems of the ADF MTN and associated facilities to enable ADF command and control for single service, joint and multi-national operations.  These critical systems will be implemented on warfighting platforms, in support and management locations and at strategic link points for the ADF.  The acquisition programme will upgrade existing communication systems and introduce new communication mediums, whilst the sustainment of in-service systems across the ADF will be through a single support organisation for ADF TDL systems.

Northrop Grumman Australia wants to identify suppliers with products and capabilities that meet the needs described under the Scope of Effort below. These capability elements will be designed, developed and delivered over the next five to ten years with follow-on sustainment requirements.

  • Capability Element 1; Joint Interface Control (JIC) System
  • Capability Element 3; Link capability upgrades
  • Capability Element 4; Inclusion of additional message format
  • Capability Element 5; Joint Network Integration Centre (JNIC)
  • Capability Element 6; Future JDN/TDL Capability Development
  • Capability Element 7; Joint Data Network Capability Governance


Registrations are invited through the ICN Gateway, which will be the primary portal for suppliers to interact with Northrop Grumman Australia on these opportunities.

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